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[15 Dec 2004|07:40pm]

sit-sit, now wag, take it-take it.

these little girls go to market
these little girls stay home

these little girls wag their little piggy tails, and what's up with that.

they be oink-oinks...

they got rear ends that go boink-boink.

they's got the ninnies, they got the prissies, they got the pussies an' da wussies.

now ya know betta how the 'ittle bitches work it.

now we knows betta,

how the mama like to eat her baby-babes.

c. c. est le betta den da rest.

ya heard?


i like a mama like that...

dis tis me bestest babe evah

i got the oh in the oh-oh...an' ya put the row in da boat trip.


mmm...twirl twirl

mmm...tastey-tastey like...she so so

but what he don't know, well

he don't know.

ain't that how we likes it, girlie-girls

ain't that how we play it, piggy-pigs?

don't get sick-sick...when you can always go for da sik-sik-sik..


i likes ta lik the sik of his prick...

he likes ta tik the slik wit his bic

now ya see's...cause i a shaven honey, with a nice deep, warm honey pot.

get it hard now baby, cause i needs the reamer.

oink-oink...like an oinker, cause you's about ta get muddy.
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