cecilia_oak (cecilia_oak) wrote,

i wish i wasn't dieing so quickly. and so frantically fadeing.

the air is being sucked out of my lungs, the water flushed out of my eyes.

my voice regresses into a black empty stomach, and my machine hands have more glitches in the circuitry than they had when they were newer.

a shakey head and rickity legs and there is some kind of soot embedded in the skin...so there are sharp irritations in and around the arms and neck.

i can't reach anyone
and no one can reach me.

if i had a gun i might use it for a door.

the morning is very harsh on my nerves, and i have to see it everyday now. there has been little hope in escapeing anything these days. the only sound i ever make is the rattleing of my cage.

i want to breathe fire and have 6 inch claws...horrid vicious fangs, and a two ton tail. the havok that has been put on me...i want to put back on others one thousand fold...and a roar that shakes the mountains.
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