cecilia_oak (cecilia_oak) wrote,





oh you a oozin' out.

grape-jelly's got nothin' on all this red.

my clothes is drenched in it.

later we can compare notes on something spastic-drastic-plastic.

i planted seeds in my dirt. they's growin' and growin' like beans do.

the pools all empty, i thought the water was gonna be my baby.

when birds migrate, they don't know what they are doin'

nature is a bitch that like ta bark and bark and bark.

she talk 'n' talk 'n' talk...i don't know what she sayin', but she sure do talk.

this restless blue bird luvs the way i luv her, she like to sing, and she like to fly.

the best thing i ever did was sit in a hot tub all day and listen to the water.

it went drip drip. when i got out the floor was all blue and wet. there was salt on my skin.

and my ears went blank. my face was a blanket. hands were stubs pounding against iron.

splatter splatter on a black door.
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