cecilia_oak (cecilia_oak) wrote,


i spent the whole day just feelin' my hair
and i spent the whole day just feelin' the air
and i spent the whole day just laughin' at the moon.

yesterday i looked out my window and said,

they should let it all go to ruins.

i think it's funny how we've gotta make acronyms out of everything these days.

it seems so childish, makeing acronyms for things that are useless to remember.

i think i have a tumor in my brain...but it might not be a tumor at all, that might just be my brain.

i said "live like children"
not "act like children"

you are being exposed to a very specific psychosis right now.
your own brain patterns are quickly deteriorating, and you should think differently about things that you know are true.

this is advice straight from god...i had a good picture of me once...it didn't look anything like me, or what people saw,

but, man it was good.
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