cecilia_oak (cecilia_oak) wrote,

wow wut a body(#6)

oh what a body you have
wow you're so so really-really smart.

man oh man oh, how i love everything you ever did.

gee gee gee...i really think that you are really saying something important.

yeah but yeah but yeah but...

so here we were just telling eachother what eachother wanted to hear.

there wasn't much thought about her, or much thought about her...

and there wasn't much thought about me,
or much thought in regards to me.

i'm about as bright as a pigeon on a perch. just a cooin' just a coo-coo coo.

so he thought he had it. and then he thought he lost it...

now come to find out, he think he have it again.

i say, 'no no no' ya don't know nuthin' sir. ya don't know anythin' neither'

he say,

yeah but yeah but yeah but...and nuthin' cum after da butt.

oh, ya so so so rancid, and stupid, and awful. and how did they ever let you think that you knew what you were in?

but they did.

they said here's the bowl; you the big fish.

but the bowl is just a bowl, and the fishy-fishes got man-heads, and ugly feet, and the works.

and they kickin' at the water like it all they wanna do.

man, oh man...ya so so wise. yeah, ya really gotta a talent, yeah, ya really got some amazin' notions 'bout things.

not things in general, but you know like things.

eh...um, uh...yeah...i really didn't know how ta take it...and sometimes they say, he's gonna make it.

but they's all livein' shallow...an' they's lookin through thick windows.

i like ta think independently of others...don't you?...

i wasn't tryin' to make a point or anything...and the signs said "stop" and "go" and "slow down" and "speed up"

and you should be this at this age and then this and then this and then this and then this...

and i said, wait, "slow down", but they were sayin' "go" and "speed up"

and so i turned around and starting walking in the opposite direction...maybe a little to far, but as i was walking i was counting the

stains on the world...

and it was all there, there was a green one, and another was more yellowy...the red ones were the stickiest, but the oranges were always most lovely.

they said...

stop yer ramblein' just stop it and walk right.

around then i fell asleep and had my own little dream.

sooner or later, i thought...

but i knew it'd be sooner.

the ocean was getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

the land was about to get washed away, and people were turning into islands, turning into stones.

turning inside out.

and insides were still hugging onto bones.

sooner than later them bones'll be in the sea, with them fishies.

an' so we'll all be a big part of the ozone problem, and i want to live in the acid rain that i used to hear so much about.

burnin' the kids who try to go out in the storm. washing away the gravel from the roadways...and rustin' holes through all yer precious metals and shiny-shine-shines.

but oh what a body you have
and wow you sure is real smart.
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