cecilia_oak (cecilia_oak) wrote,

stains is stains is stains (thinklikeme#6)

i'm sticky likes a stain,
i likes ta stick to da world.
like a stain, we all holden to the surface of a hummin'

we's a stain on the earth,
earth's a stain on da universe,
universe da stain on da stain.

little puppy-gal barkin' at da moon
little moon, all glowin in da sky.
sky all droppin on da floor.

floor all soaked wit sunny-stain's-
bleech under my nails
ink's in my head.

like metal danglin' from ear lobes
like eyes full of salty-salt 'n' love.

yer a stain on my arm, hand in hand, fingers twistin'
yer a stain on da satin sheets as they pull out from under her.

she a stain on her family, they's a stain on her psyche
psyche-stains luvs to stick there, an' nothin gettin dat one out

sheronda-londa luvs you fondly.
stares for hours thru your mondays
quietly shows ya hows ta rain down on the faces of yer formers.

drips so sweetly bliss and risein' is the water,

he forces himself into her ears.
he forces herself over his mind
he forces his force and she stain's him severely.

they's is stains babe, they's is stains on da children.

da children is stains on da mama.

the stains is stains the stains is stains

the stains is stains.
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