cecilia_oak (cecilia_oak) wrote,

another hipster bites the dust.

another old grump takes a bullet through his ol' head. this ol' mind can only take so much abuse before its enough for an excuse to put an end to the ramblin's of this ol' mind.

all those kids are sad now...and wonderin' why...

but i know why kids...i know why.being brilliant has a price...when its brilliance in such darkness.

and suicide is a more natural kind of death than ya think.

my soul can't take this void of soulfulness. its a long dark road, its a road long and dark. she's a beautiful girl, and she's desirable, and desired.

those kinds of men have been dieing for a lot longer than you think. for decades the minds been rotting, dwindleing down to less and less contimplation of pain, and more and more pain. face pressed up against glass windows half the time, trying to feel the world outside.

you don't know what its like to have a mind like that...always jotting things out of it...and sometimes ya skip a day or two, and it fills up to quick, and if you can't drain out the words, then you have to go for the blood.

don't be disappointed, don't be surprised, don't be sad. that's a little less pain in the world. i know we like to think about how it observed and commented on things. but we have to remember that it really was all for nothing...and its better than feeling that kind of sick all the time. if its for nothing, then the only thing that makes sense is to feel nothing.

just nothing.

if i had a better idea about it than that then i'd use it, but i don't.

i don't know how long i've got left. i could've been anyone, but this is who i ended up being, so i've gotta see that through...and through to the end.

i didn't think it effected me much, but maybe i'm the one most effected after all.

after all, they'll all forget this soon, and i'll be left stumbleing, and now i'm the wondering one.

one less dirty eccentric
one less degenerate independent thinker.

and the world is no better or worse off than it ever was.

human kind isn't precious, it just thinks it is.
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